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Registration for the 2021-2022 Season

It’s that time of year folks! We are beginning to plan for our 2021-2022 Point Edward Blackhawks season! We are hoping for a much more “normal” year. Hockey Canada and OMHA will release their plans with respect to any restrictions or guidelines we must follow. We expect there will be some limitations, however we are patiently waiting to hear from the powers that be.

Similar to last season, we will be using an online link to “pre-register” players, reserving their spot and allowing us to build rosters without collecting payment, waivers etc. until our rosters are finalized. We have also decided to collect registration fees in instalments which is helpful in the unfortunate event of an interruption in programming. This would negate the need for refunds etc. So, for now “pre-register” your player in accordance with the timelines below (payment and signed forms etc. will be handled closer to programming beginning).


**An email will be sent to all players from last year via email on July 12. If your child played in Pt. Edward last year and you did not get an email with the link, please send an email to [email protected]

***New players from outside Pt. Edward will be able to register for open spots starting August 2.


Returning players are once again able to be registered with us by specified dates. (See below) If you do not register on one of these dates and submit any required documentation, you will run the risk of having to take your chances on open registration dates or even worse, miss out 🥺

We will once again comprise the teams of Point Edward residents first and then returning players based upon their years of service, followed by new players (if spots are still open). If a team has more registrants than rostered spots, and players have the same number of years of service, we will exercise the lottery option. If your child will be involved in a lottery, we will notify you prior to the lottery so you may attend (virtually) if you wish. The lottery will happen live on Facebook - date to be announced. We will not know who makes the final roster or who potentially moves off the waitlist until all travel tryouts are completed. We realize this is difficult for those waiting and understand if this means you choose to register elsewhere. We will post final rosters on our website, first names and last initial only, and you will be able to see the full team roster at that time. Only those involved in the lottery will be notified about this situation. If you are not informed that your child is involved in the lottery or told that they are on the waitlist, they are currently on the proposed roster.

We strongly recommend that if you are not sure you will be on a Blackhawk roster, registering in another center. We would not want anyone to miss out on an entire hockey season because they were waiting to find out if they make it on one of our teams. There are deadlines for everything, but if you are not successful at acquiring a spot on our rosters there will be a full refund of any monies paid.

Just to clarify, you must be a Point Edward resident by the May 31, 2021 deadline to be eligible to pay the Point Edward fee. If you own a residential property in Point Edward and can provide documentation for this, you can register along with the Point Edward residents and pay the same registration fees.

You will need to bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate with you to registration. We need this to upload into the OMHA site in order to roster them on a team. Your registration will not be complete without this item. It will need to be attached to your registration form and left with us so please do not simply bring the original, we will need a copy that we can keep.

Coach and Bench Staff application forms will be available soon to all registrations and will be due by July 30, 2021 These forms will be available on our website under the “Coaches Corner” tab. If you wish to be considered as a coach or have your name forwarded to assist on a bench, you must submit one of these applications.


**Registration Fees to be collected closer to programming start

***Our plan is to structure the payments similar to last year in the unlikely event we end up with a gap in programming.

****Costs and time-lines for payment will be posted on our website and Facebook site as soon as possible.


We are planning one fundraiser this year; we were thrilled with the success of the Giresi’s pizza kit fundraiser. There is no need to write a separate cheque for fundraising.


One last note, and this is in regards to an OMHA policy that has been passed and will affect all hockey programs including ours. Effective August 31, 2014, in addition to Team Officials, the OMHA requires all On-Ice Volunteers, On-Ice Officials and Parents to take the appropriate “Respect “education. We are providing the link below to this site for your convenience. At least one parent or guardian in every household will need to do this. It must be completed online, and proof of completion is a requirement for participation in our program. It will be at your own cost and we will require proof you have completed it before your child’s name can be put added to the official roster. Anyone new to our program will need to complete this, but if you completed this since the 2014 implementation, there is no need to do it again. Once again, I would like to stress that the cost associated with this is your responsibility and is in addition to any registration costs you pay.

Please visit the OMHA website for further details as they have an abundance of information about this as well as the costs.


*Proof of this being completed for anyone new to our program must be sent to us by August 1, 2021. If it is not received, you will be notified that you will be in non-compliance and risk losing your spot on the team your child was registered for. If you have completed this for another child in your family, you can log into your account for this program and add the new player’s name. If you have completed this program through Alliance, you can also log into your account and request that it be switched over to be recognized by OMHA.

(If the link does not work, please copy and paste it into your browser or visit the OMHA website)


Age groups are as follows:

Pre-School (former Mite) – 2017

Initiation (former Instructional) - 2015 & 2016

Pre-Novice (former Tyke) – 2014

U9 – 2013

U11 - 2011 & 2012

U13 - 2009 & 2010

U15 - 2007 & 2008

U18 - 2004, 2005 & 2006


Registration Due Dates:

Point Residents and Returning Players - July 12 to July 30

Open registration - August 2 to August 13



We have also added a check box on the registration form that asks everyone to read the Policies and Procedures we have posted on our website (On the “About Us” tab, under PEMAA Policies & Procedures ( Harassment Policy / Hockey Policy and PEMAA Rules of Operation). This will be something we refer to should we have to take any disciplinary action over the course of the season. Should you have any questions or concerns about anything in relation to registering for the upcoming season, please email one of the Junior or Senior hockey convenors. Our email addresses are located on the website

We hope the majority of you will find a place in the Point Edward program for the upcoming season and wish those moving on either because of age or making a travel team all the best. We also know that due to numbers of players to be rostered for each level, some players may have to go to other centers for the 2021–2022 season. This is something we have no control over and truly wish we could keep everyone in our program that wants to play here. We also wish you the best in your future hockey endeavors4 and hope that you enjoyed the time you spent as a Blackhawk.

Have a great summer, and hopefully we will see most of you back at the rink in October.

Please refrain from commenting on this post and send all questions directly to a Junior or Senior Convenor via email