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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the age requirements exactly?  What if my child has a birthday midyear and that puts her or him in 2 different divisions?

A. Ages for our program have changed throughout the years as we try and gear them to allow the largest number of players to participate.  The 4 year old group is the only one with an actual requirement where we need players to be 4 by September 27, 2024.  This is written in our Insurance Policy so we must stick to this.  We know some will miss out because of this and we do apologize, but we need to have this stipulation in place.  As for our other divisions, we would like to see people register their child in the division that fits their age at time of registration.  That being said, if you know your child is very skilled at soccer, you can mention this and request to have them play up if they would turn the appropriate age in the current year.  This also applies if you wish them to stay down as they are not familiar with soccer, or this is their first year playing.  We are hoping common sense will play a big factor in how parents register children that will straddle 2 divisions in the current season.  Please email [email protected] if you are uncertain.


Q. What do I need to register my child?

A. You will need to fill in a registration form at the Registration.   You will need to show us proof of your child’s age and if you are registering on one of the first two nights, proof that you are a Point Edward Resident.  This does not apply if you are registering to be a coach but please keep in mind that if you sign up to coach and then decide not to, it may affect your child’s participation in our program.  We generally have waiting lists for all divisions and if you decide not to coach after registering on one of the first 2 nights, we may have to not only replace you, but also your child from someone on the wait list.  Please, only sign up to coach if you are willing to make that commitment.  We are also stressing the “Point Edward Resident” statement.  If you own property in Point Edward, but do not live there, you are not technically a resident and must wait until the open registration night.  That being said, if you do not bring all the necessary documents with you to the registration, we will only hold the spot for you until the end of that evening.  We cannot hold spots for people due to the wait lists that we get each year.  Please try and remember to bring everything with you as it will limit any disappointment that may occur.

Q.  How long is the season?

A. Our season starts May 6, 2024 to August 1, 2024. 


Q.  What night will each division play on?

A.  Nights of play are decided closer to registration dates.  We do post proposed nights but they are subject to change.  We hope to have this finalized and posted on our website before the first registration night.


Q. What is included in the season?

A. The two youngest divisions have a concentration on skill development and FUN.  The games do not have a ref and no score is kept.  (None of our games have scores recorded). They will play their games on half the field as we find this is the best size for their age.


Q. What play level is involved?

A. We focus our attention on fun and teamwork.  We do not keep score and we do not have any sort of playoffs or “winners”.  If you are looking for something more structured and competitive, we suggest you look into another center in the area as we only want the kids to get active and have some fun. 


Q. Can I request a certain team for my child so they can play with a friend?

A. You can put one request on the registration form.  We only guarantee that siblings will be put on the same team as well as coaches will have their child or children on their team.  We cannot make any promises beyond that as it becomes too time consuming to fulfill everyone’s requests.


Q. What equipment will my child need to play?

A. Your child must wear shin pads.  Cleats are a good idea, it helps them not to slip and fall so much on the field but are not a requirement in our youngest 2 divisions.  For the older 2 divisions, we would like to have all players wear cleats as they play full field.  Each player will also be given a shirt the first week of play that they can keep.


Q. How will I know what team my child is on and when they play?

A. Just before the first week of play, we post the team lists and schedules on our website.  We list first name only and last initial.  Please check the list and if your child is not listed, please contact us by email and we will look into the situation right away.


Q. Where are the games played each week?

A. Games are always played under the Blue Water Bridge.  Our soccer pitch is located directly behind the Fish Hatchery Building and near the play equipment.


Q. What do I need to know if I wish to coach my child?

A. Coaches do not need to know anything about the game to volunteer their time. We have at least 2 coaches per team (depending on the number of people who volunteer) and try to pair new comers up with people who have done this before.  We also hold a coach clinic where you will be given information on age appropriate drills and you will get to meet your fellow coaches.


Q. What if I cannot make the registration dates?

A. Registration is now On-Line via our website.

Q. How do I pay for soccer?

A. Payment options: 
Electronic Funds Transfer to: 
[email protected]
 Cheque or cash - *Cheques can be made payable to Point Edward Minor Athletic Association. 
(Please contact [email protected] to arrange for drop off of Cash / Cheque)
*If cancelling after shirts are purchased there is a $25 admin fee.