Criminal Reference Checks (Point Edward Minor Athletic Association)

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Criminal Reference Check

All volunteers must provide a Vulnerable Sector - Criminal Reference Check. The CRC must be updated every three years. If you are still within your three years, you can sign a bench affidavit stating you have no convictions (must be provided every year between checks).

Affidavits MUST be signed until we receive a copy of each Volunteers current record check or in the case of someone who has a current CRC, an affidavit stipulating there have been no new charges/convictions will suffice. 

We will supply a signed letter stating you are applying for volunteering purposes, which should reduce and or eliminate the cost associated with the record check. 

You c
an request an "affidavit form" or "Volunteer letter" by emailing: [email protected] .

OMHA Risk Management


Bench Affidavit Form

If you live in Pt. Edward, use this link:
OPP - Criminal Record Checks

If you live in Sarnia, use this link:
Sarnia Police Services - Criminal Record Checks

* you must apply for the CRC in the city you live in!

*It is important to note: All applications must be submitted online and at this time.