Criminal Reference Checks (Point Edward Minor Athletic Association)

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Criminal Reference Check

All volunteers must provide a Vulnerable Sector - Criminal Reference Check. The CRC must be updated every three years. If you are still within your three years, you can sign a bench affidavit stating you have no convictions (must be provided every year between checks).

Affidavits MUST be signed until we receive a copy of each Volunteers current record check or in the case of someone who has a current CRC, an affidavit stipulating there have been no new charges/convictions will suffice. 

We will supply a signed letter stating you are applying for volunteering purposes, which should reduce and or eliminate the cost associated with the record check. 

Criminal reference check letter (confirming you are volunteering for PEMMA)

OMHA Risk Management


Bench Affidavit Form

If you live in Pt. Edward, use this link:
OPP - Criminal Record Checks

If you live in Sarnia, use this link:
Sarnia Police Services - Criminal Record Checks

* you must apply for the CRC in the city you live in!

*It is important to note: All applications must be submitted online and at this time.