Criminal Reference Checks (Point Edward Minor Athletic Association)

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Volunteers must provide an Enhanced Screening Criminal Reference Check and have it updated every three years. If you are still within your three years, you can sign a bench affidavit stating you have no convictions (must be provided every year between checks).

You can request an affidavit form by emailing: [email protected] and asking for a signed form .Form.jpg

The affidavit form will then be emailed to you and you can attach a copy along with your Enhanced Screening Criminal Reference Check. 

It is important to note: All applications must be submitted online and at this time, only essential workers applications are being accepted. Stay tuned for updates as COVID restrictions continue to evolve.

OMHA Risk Management


Bench Affidavit Form

Sarnia Police Services - Criminal Record Checks

OPP - Criminal Recrd Checks